Work Areas

Maritime Law
Road and Air Transport Law
International Trade Law
Energy and Offshore Law
Oil and Gas Law
Yacht Law
Labor Law and Maritime Labor Law
Corporate Law and Offshore Companies
Banking and Finance Law
Project Finance and Investments
Insurance Law and Maritime Insurance
Port and Terminal Law
Real Estate Law and Construction Law
Meditiation and Arbitration
Crisis Management and Resoulution

At Sodac Law, we provide our clients with legal advice and crisis management support. In situations requiring multidisciplinary expertise, we assemble and deploy necessary expert teams, manage the response process through project management, and aim to stand by our clients from the beginning to the end of the incident. Sodac Law offers operational solutions in addition to legal advice:

  1. Major Incident Crisis Response: Quick and effective response to emergencies.
  2. War, Terrorism, and Political Risk: Protection and advice against security threats.
  3. Human and Property Detentions and Arrests: Protecting legal rights and supporting release processes.
  4. Kidnapping, Piracy, Abduction, and Extortion: Safe solutions and negotiation support.
  5. Ransom Payments: Guidance on funding, logistics, and compliance.
  6. Malicious Risks: Reduction and management of threats.
  7. Drug Seizures and Trafficking: Defense against drug-related charges and criminal law consultancy.
  8. Sabotage, Blockade, and Civil Unrest: Protection of businesses and individuals.
  9. Evacuation: Planning and execution of emergency evacuations.
  10. Unlawful Killing and Active Armed Assailant: Representation in forensic and criminal law processes.
  11. Seizure and Expropriation: Protection of property rights and contestation processes.
  12. Asset Recovery: Retrieval of lost or stolen assets.
  13. Special Projects: Customized legal solutions for unique and complex situations.
  14. Reputation Management: Protection of reputation and communication support in crisis situations.
  1. Maritime Commercial Agreements: Commercial contracts related to maritime activities such as port usage, shipping, and transportation agreements.
  2. Maritime Intellectual Property and Brand Protection: Protection of unique technology, design, and brands used in the maritime sector.
  3. Maritime Joint Ventures: Joint venture agreements related to maritime activities like port operations, shipbuilding, and operating partnerships.
  4. Outsourcing in Maritime: Outsourcing agreements for shipbuilding, maintenance, and repair services.
  5. Maritime E-Commerce: E-commerce platforms and online services related to maritime.
  6. Maritime Supply: Sourcing of shipbuilding materials, equipment, and services.
  7. Maritime Technology, Media, and Telecommunications: Technology solutions, communication systems, and media services related to maritime.
  8. Data Privacy in Maritime: Data protection and privacy management in the maritime sector.
  9. Maritime Agency and Distribution Agreements: Ship agency and logistics services agreements.
  10. Maritime Logistics: Sea transportation and logistics services.
  11. Maritime Licensing: Licenses for ship and port operations, patents, and commercial licenses related to maritime.
  12. Maritime Transportation Contracts: Contracts for the transportation of cargo and passengers by ship.
  13. Maritime Technical and Management Agreements: Ship management and technical operation agreements.
  14. Maritime Concession and Operating Agreements: Port operation and management of maritime facilities.
  15. Contracts for the Sale of Maritime Goods: Sales of ships and maritime equipment.
  16. Maritime Consulting Agreements: Legal and technical consultancy services related to maritime.
Dispute Resolution

In dispute resolution, we advise our clients on almost all disputes they may encounter, specifically focusing on:

  1. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  2. Commercial Litigation
  3. Corporate Litigation
  4. Financing and Financial Litigation Resolution
  5. International Arbitration

The primary focus points of these disputes can be as follows:

  1. Expertise in Maritime Arbitration: Managing arbitration processes for disputes specific to the maritime sector. This may include disputes arising from various maritime contracts (fuel supply, dry bulk transport, container shipping, etc.).
  2. International Maritime Disputes: Resolution of disputes involving multinational parties and occurring between different jurisdictions.
  3. Shipbuilding and Repair Disputes: Arbitration and litigation of disputes arising from shipbuilding and repair contracts.
  4. Ship Buying and Selling Disputes: Includes disputes over sales, purchases, and financing. This may involve disputes in ship sales contracts and issues related to payments.
  5. Leasing and Charter Disputes: Resolution of disputes arising from ship leasing and charter contracts. This may include disputes over rental fees, maintenance responsibilities, and contract breaches.
  6. Maritime Accidents and Collisions: Disputes related to maritime accidents, collisions, and resulting damage claims.
  7. Freight and Cargo Disputes: Disputes related to cargo transportation, freight charges, and damage compensation.
  8. Environmental and Pollution Disputes: Legal disputes related to marine pollution and environmental damage.
  9. Maritime Insurance and Reinsurance Disputes: Disputes related to maritime insurance policies and compensation claims.
  10. Legal and Technical Consultancy: Legal and technical consultancy services in maritime disputes, strategy development, and implementation in arbitration processes.
Maritime and Offshore Financing Services
  1. Ship Financing: Specialized financing solutions for purchasing, renewing, and repairing new or existing ships. This includes a variety of ship types such as commercial vessels, yachts, and special-purpose ships.
  2. Offshore Structure and Equipment Financing: Providing financing for the construction and maintenance of oil and gas platforms, wind turbines, and other maritime structures. This service offers comprehensive financial support from the start to the completion of the project.
  3. Port Infrastructure Financing: Specialized financing solutions for port facilities, docks, storage areas, and other port infrastructure projects. This covers the planning, construction, and operational phases of the projects.
  4. Maritime Trade Financing: Financial services for international maritime trade, including freight financing and trade receivable insurance.
  5. Project Financing and Structuring: Designing and implementing complex financing structures for maritime and offshore projects. This involves risk assessment and cost analysis.
  6. Investment and Partnership Structures: Creating appropriate financial structures for investors and partners interested in investing in maritime and offshore projects.
  7. Regulatory and Legal Compliance Advisory: Ensuring that maritime and offshore financing projects comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
  8. Risk Management and Insurance: Assessing and managing project risks, providing suitable insurance solutions.
  9. Sustainable Financing and Green Finance: Offering financing solutions that comply with environmental sustainability standards, focusing on green technology and innovative energy solutions.
  10. International Financing Network: Access to international financing sources and markets, compliance with financial regulations in various jurisdictions.
Offshore Services

1. Company Formation Overview: We offer company formations suitable for international business structures, providing our clients with expanded market access and tax advantages. Customized Solutions: Creating company structures customized to the specific needs of our clients. Legal Compliance: Ensuring full compliance with local and international regulations to minimize legal risks.


2. Bank Account Openings Facilitated Processes: Thanks to our global banking network, we simplify the opening of bank accounts in various jurisdictions. Financial Advisory: Providing our clients with personalized banking solutions to meet their international financial needs.


3. Management of Financial Assets Asset Management: Helping our clients effectively manage their financial assets by offering portfolio management, investment advisory, and asset protection strategies. Diversified Investment Options: Providing access to various investment opportunities worldwide, allowing our clients to diversify their investment portfolios.


4. Flag State Transition Maritime Registration and Flag Change: We are experts in international maritime registrations and guide our clients through the process of changing the flag state. Regulatory Compliance and Advisory: Ensuring full compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in maritime registrations and flag state transition processes.

International Trade Reg

Sodac Law deals with local regulations related to import and export trade flows and investments, while also covering the impact of international agreements on these regulations. This service, specialized in maritime trade transportation, includes public international law, international economic integration processes, and practical implementation of international trade agreements.

  1. We provide the legal and regulatory framework for commercial activities conducted through maritime trade. This ensures our clients' full compliance with international standards and regulations.
  2. By offering in-depth knowledge on international trade agreements and regulations, we help optimize our clients' trade strategies.
  3. We develop strategies to identify and assess potential commercial risks, ensuring smooth and effective conduct of trade activities.
Oil, Gas and Energy Services

At Sodac Law, we offer comprehensive legal consultancy services for the oil, gas, and energy sectors. At every stage of the sector, we stand by our clients with our deep legal knowledge and sectoral expertise. Our services aim to help businesses operating in these dynamic sectors overcome complex legal challenges and gain a competitive edge.

  1. Investment and Business Development: Providing investment advisory and contract preparation for new ventures, exploration, and drilling projects.
  2. Regulation and Compliance: Advising on compliance with sector-specific regulations, environmental standards, and safety protocols.
  3. Construction and Infrastructure Projects: Legal support and dispute resolution for energy infrastructure projects.
  4. Commercial Transactions and Agreements: Preparation and review of commercial agreements for production, liquefaction, transportation, and refining processes.
  5. Risk Management and Litigation: Assessing potential legal risks and representing in court processes.