Significant Changes in Acquiring Turkish Citizenship

Significant amendments were made in the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law, published in the Official Gazette No. 32397, dated December 12, 2023. With these changes, the definition of the $400,000 worth property required for the exceptional acquisition of Turkish citizenship has been narrowed. Now, properties that are under condominium ownership or have established easements, and are classified as land with buildings, will qualify for this scheme. This change could particularly impact the real estate investment strategies of foreign investors in Turkey.

Previous Requirements: Previously, to acquire Turkish citizenship through an exceptional procedure, one needed to purchase a property worth at least $400,000. This property could be a field, land, or another type. A note had to be added to the title deed of the purchased property, stating that it would not be sold for a period of three years.

New Regulation: With the recent amendment, the nature of the property worth $400,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency has been redefined. Now, to acquire Turkish citizenship, the property purchased must be under condominium ownership or have established easements, or be classified as land with buildings.

With this change, it is indicated that acquiring Turkish citizenship through the sale of fields and lands alone has been abolished. This amendment more clearly defines the conditions for exceptionally obtaining Turkish citizenship.

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